Thinking Outside the Helmet Box

helmets-47000One of the core tenants of creating an effective museum exhibit is to know your audience and, perhaps more importantly, to know the market within which your audience lives. It is estimated that over 64% of Americans watch NFL football and over 54% watch college football. In Oxford, MS that percentage must be closer to 100%. Perhaps this explains why The University of Mississippi [Art] Museum director, Robert Saarnio, wasted little time contacting Bloomingdale’s upon learning of their Fashion Touchdown auction, benefiting the NFL Foundation.  Continue reading “Thinking Outside the Helmet Box”

Requested: Sports Exhibit Feedback

Where is your favorite sports museum in the world? Which sports museum or exhibit did not resonate with you? Which ones should I DEFINITELY visit? Which sports museums do I HAVE to see, specifically while I am in Europe (now until March)? Or perhaps you have never seen a sports exhibit, I would love to know why. Either way- feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments section:

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War is Not a Game

CHICAGO, IL - Soldier Statue with American Flag at Soldier Field. Photo Credit: SB Nation
CHICAGO, IL – Soldier Statue with American Flag at Soldier Field. Photo Credit: SB Nation

When athletes take the field they compete freely and they play to win. To the victor goes the spoils, is usually the order of the day.They fight hard, battle despite hardship, and solider on to the finish line. Continue reading “War is Not a Game”

Kansas City Here I Come

Kansas City. You know the town that Motown made famous, the one that is a little bit in Kansas, a little bit in Missouri, and the town that is just a few short miles away from Independence, Missouri. Continue reading “Kansas City Here I Come”

These Shoes Were Made for Running

The Power of the Repetitive Object

Last week I released a post about the commemoration surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing. Upon reading the post Professor Harvey Green, one of my mentors, communicated an interesting observation. So, I decided to create this follow up post in response…Continue reading “These Shoes Were Made for Running”

Running Towards History

239 years ago Paul Revere took his famous ride from Boston to the countryside

174 years ago Irish immigrants sought refuge in Boston from the potato famine

96 years ago the Red Sox won the World Series and wouldn’t win it again for 86 years

54 years ago the first Catholic, Boston’s John F. Kennedy Jr., was elected president

1 year ago terrorists bombed the finish line of the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon bombing is not history, yet.Continue reading “Running Towards History”