Kansas City Here I Come

Kansas City. You know the town that Motown made famous, the one that is a little bit in Kansas, a little bit in Missouri, and the town that is just a few short miles away from Independence, Missouri. That’s right. Independence, Missouri- the place where the Harry S. Truman Library lives. That is why I went to Kansas City. I conducted research at the Truman Library for a project. To my amazement I found sports history lurking behind just about every corner of this fun city so I just had to duck in and see. Throughout the year this blog will feature a whole host of posts from just this one trip, so stay tuned! For now this is what I can tell you- Kansas City and the surrounding areas are very much in touch with their dynamic sports history. They are eager to tell you about the intersection between sports and society in their corner of the world. And their museums, while not perfect, are certainly worth a peek if you find yourself nearby.

Click on the first image to flip through the larger slide show:

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2 thoughts on “Kansas City Here I Come

  1. I’m glad you had fun and got see the sites. Seeing your post really has made me realize how much sports history there is all around us, at least in the place I grew up! No wonder I’m so interested in it!

    I think it was 2012, but the National World War I Museum in Kansas City had an exhibit on the Inter-Allied Games. Sadly I never got to see it. I wish more museums would use some sort of event or anniversary like that to bring sport to the forefront more and show its role in different historic moment.


    1. Andrew- I was floored at how much sports history Kansas City has lurking in its streets! I stayed two extra days just to see it all and I still missed some! I saw the WWI Museum but they did not have a sports exhibit while I was there. I would have enjoyed seeing that as well. I agree- history museums have more opportunities to connect their subject to sports than perhaps they realize.


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